Watching Mermaid

Watching Mermaid is the first in the ‘Lore Art’ series.  It was even my first oil painting!  You may be able to spot the progression of my style from then to later oil paintings such as ‘Kipling’s Jungle’, but despite this, Watching Mermaid has still been a favourite among people (ladies in particular) who love pinks and purples, and of course mermaids!

full pic

Unlike some of my later work, ‘Watching Mermaid’ is not based on a story such as ‘The Little Mermaid’, but rather the idea that people used to believe in mermaids, and what if they existed now in our world and we just have no idea?  Perhaps this mermaid knows lots about us, and observes us (there is an echo of Aerial there), watching our modern seaside towns and our planes soaring across the sky, all in the cover of the coming darkness.

Personally, I love to imagine there are other creatures in our world which we have no knowledge of.  Right now we might call them monsters, make-believe, just stories and superstitions, but if ever officially discovered Science would give them a name and suddenly the romanticised mystery would disappear.  Indeed, what sailors called mermaids turned out to be whales.

I love even more the idea that some creatures exist which individuals still swear they have seen.  Why should we be so arrogant to say there is absolutely no way those people saw the Loch Ness Monster, the Dover Demon, the Jersey Devil, fairies, or indeed a mermaid?  Even if we deem it unlikely, isn’t it still fun to just imagine?

mermaid mock copy

*I am currently researching in more depth the earliest fairytale of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and more folklore based on oceanic monsters.  Keep an eye out for more of these stories and paintings coming to life on canvas by subscribing to this blog or following on Instagram @sarahmilesartstudio.

*Giclee prints of Watching Mermaid available on Etsy Shop:



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