Maisie currently

Typically, people who are interested in commissioning me as an artist, will begin by contacting me with their vision.  Sometimes clients know exactly what they want, and sometimes they just know they want a painting for a family member but haven’t yet decided on a subject matter.  I can help work out what would be the perfect custom piece of art for you.  If you are interested, you are welcome to send an email through the Contact Page on this website, or email me directly at:, and I will work with you to design and deliver the commission.Isla's mural after copy

Prices vary depending on the size of the commission and the complexity involved.  This is all discussed in the planning stage, and a budget is agreed between artist and client.

Before I start the work, the client pays for half the budget upfront, and when the piece is finished, I ask for the remainder of the outstanding amount (sometimes this is the rest of the full budget, but if the work didn’t take as 3long as it might have, then it can be less).

See ‘Previous Commissions’ to see the variety of work I can do for you.  I am happy to take on big and small challenges and involving a range of subjects.Thorpe painting white background