Laura’s Unicorn, (aka Laura’s Stables)

DSC_0588.JPGThe second in the lore series is ‘Laura’s Unicorn’, inspired by stables, horses, and friends that I know.  The reason why this piece is categorised in the ‘Lore Art’ section, is because there is a unicorn hidden amongst the horses!

In my experience, there are many youngsters enjoying riding stables on a weekend or holiday, busy watering and feeding ponies, constantly grooming coats and braiding manes, and generally making a fuss of their favourites.  Although I never used to imagine my favourite horses were unicorns, I know some children like to pretend their steed is in fact a unicorn in disguise.  On occasion however, I did used to pretend my bike was a horse!

It is with this idea that one of the horses is a unicorn, and yet no one seems to notice except for perhaps one child in the painting, who I have named Laura.  Does no one notice that there is a unicorn because it is just in Laura’s imagination?  Or is it because everyone else in the painting is distracted with the commotion in the centre?

To see more information about ‘Laura’s Unicorn’, click on the YouTube link below:


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