Studio Offers

Three original paintings from ‘The Butterfly’ series – £200 each or a deal for two or three

Currently we have three original, mixed media butterfly paintings available for just £200 each! A deal can also be struck if you want to buy more than just one of them.

They are all inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale ‘The Butterfly’; a story about a choosy butterfly who can’t make up his mind which flower he wants as his companion. One of the canvases includes a lovely quote from the original text:

‘It is not merely enough to exist… I need sunshine, freedom, and a little flower for a companion.’

Each painting comes in a stylish, floating black frame, which gives the bright colours of the painting even more impact. The edges of the canvas are painted, with the picture continuing around, so you can glimpse some of the edge of the painting between the canvas and floating frame. The frames can be removed and changed if you wish.

The individual paintings are available on my Etsy shop (click on ‘Shop’ at the top of this website) or email me directly: if you want more than one or want to ask more questions or buy directly.

Original ‘Barn Owl’ – Now £206.25

The Barn Owl is looking for its forever home. Currently on sale in my Etsy shop, head on over there to claim this oil painting for your home:

Or come directly to me:

To claim or find out about offers, email me at: