Which frames do you like? Your thoughts are appreciated!

Today, whilst working on an illustration, I was considering framing. So far I have always either gallery wrapped (which is where you paint around the edges of a box canvas), or taken a painting to the framers and picked something that suited that painting. However, with a series of work, choosing the same frame for all the pieces can look much more professional and give the collection uniformity. This is especially good at an exhibition or a gallery, both of which I hope to resume being a part of this year when the pandemic is over.

I was specifically thinking about my watercolour series, and what colour frame best suited them and perhaps future watercolours. I intend all watercolour animals I paint (whether woodland animals like in the image below, or Safari animals, or even marine animals) to be in the same frame; or at least the ones in that particular series. The series below are the Woodland Wildlife series.

I would really appreciate your valued opinion on which colour frames you feel best suit these watercolours as a group. Imagine you saw them on a gallery wall, or in an exhibition, or just photographed on my website. Which set of frames do you think best suits the watercolours as a group? I have numbered the images, so you can just give me a number rather than describe them!

Thank you in advance. Maybe I’ll see you at an exhibition with lots of work in a uniform frame!


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  1. Jacky says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I think I like no2 best. A natural colour but not too dark and distracting, or pale and wishy washy. But, white doesn’t argue with wall coverings. Lovely pictures BTW.


    1. Thank you very much for your thoughts, Jacky. 🙂


  2. Hi Sarah
    I think 3 or 5 ( Black or White!)
    More modern and draws the attention to your lovely paintings
    But my husband thinks 2 which goes well with the Woodland (brown)theme!
    Hope this helps!?
    Look forward to meeting you and seeing your paintings in real life one day
    JAX X


    1. Thank you very much Jackie. More people have been saying 3 or 5 recently too.


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